Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review: Phone Specifications

The excitement of having a brand new mobile phone fades in an instant after realizing the functionality is not what you had hoped for. To add salt to the wound, the seller would have a no return policy. This one is a classic example of rush buying without adequate research. If you are looking forward to adding the Samsung galaxy note 20 ultras to the family, you are right. This Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra review will provide you with all the specifications of the device


The ultra is a bit larger than its predecessor (S20), measuring 6.48 x3.04×0.32 inches. Also, its weight goes up to the 7.33ounces mark. Concerning color, you have three choices, namely mystic bronze. Mystic black and mystic white.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will wow you with its sizable 6-9 inch display screen. This sleek display reduces fingerprint stains. Its 120Hz refresh rate allows for smooth going scrolling and swiping. However, the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7inch display) boasts a faster processor and image display quality. Here are the specs:

  • 6.9-inch AMOLED (QHD,120Hz)
  • 2X Infinity-o Display (3088×1440)
  • 496 PPI
  • HDR10+certified


samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

How good is the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s camera? The camera’s quality is very decent, with a 108MP triple rear camera that has laser focus. To put it in other terms, the image quality of the ultra note is slightly lower than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, the Ultra’s 5x optical zoom easily outwits iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 2x zoom. With digital zoom’s steadiness for up to 20x, the camera is the real deal.

Rear camera:

  • 108MP wide (f/1.8)
  • 12MP telephoto with 5x optical zoom (f/3)
  • 12M ultrawide (f/2.2)

Front camera:

  • 10MP (f/2.2)

S Pen

The Galaxy Note Ultra comes with an improved S Pen stylus. Let me just say it not just an ordinary experience. Compared to the Note 10, it is fascinatingly 80 percent faster! An integration of high-speed processing, refreshing screen rate, and advanced prediction sets it apart. When used with Samsung Notes, you get to have some captivating “air actions.” This makes the phone the best for Samsung Notes. 

  • Fast 9ms response time S Pen.
  • Pen-to-paper feel 


The Ultra’s li-ion battery has a minimum capacity of 4500mAh, which is a decent one. Of interest is the device’s wireless charging capability. So just how fast is this charging? Actual speed varies depending on actual usage and charging conditions. 

  • The battery life of 10hrs 26 min (7:59,120Hz mode)
  • Fast wireless charging speeds with Fast Charging 2.0.
  • USB PD 3.0 (PPS) certified Fast Charging for wired charging (AFC and QC2.0 compatible)


The device has decent storage of up to 512GB internal memory depending on pre-installed software. In addition to this, there is room for expanding the memory by using a memory card. The summary of the specs is as follows:

  • 12GB RAM (LPDDR5) with 512GB internal storage.
  • 12GB RAM (LPDDR5) with 128GB internal storage.

Performance Specs

samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The ultra is one of the fastest androids you could ever own. It’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 865plus processor gives it the edge, boasting clock and graphics speed 10% faster than the regular cheap. Lastly, its ROM has a cool 12GB, further explaining the speed.


The Ultra is a bit pricy. Expect to be paying up to $1299.99 bucks for the 128GB model. The 512GB is the peak of the two, fetching a remarkable $1449.99. Basically, it is quite cost-effective to get the 512GB model since the difference in costs is quite small.

Final Words

There you have it; the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of the coolest gadgets you could ever own. What sets it apart from most devices is its camera with its zooming capability, which outwits the iPhone 11 Pro. Despite it being a bit pricy, I think you would be rest assured knowing that you get value for your money. 

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