Salesforce Acquire Slack: The Future of Both Companies

Salesforce acquire slack

News of the acquisition of one large organization by another has a strong influence on market volatility. The markets either swing in positive or negative directions, depending on what fundamental analysts and economics gurus focused on. The recent acquisition of Slack by Salesforce is no exception. 

This article provides an analysis with answers to the question “what does the future look like for both?” Thus if you are a stakeholder, e.g., product user, investor or potential investor, or simply a business/economic enthusiast, this post is for you.

What Future Looks Like For Salesforce?

salesforce acquire slack

It is worth noting that the acquisition of Slack is Salesforce’s largest ever since it was formed. One thing for sure Slack will give Salesforce some fighting ground against the giants Microsoft and Google. Additionally, the merging has the excellent potential of giving birth to powerful applications that would revolutionize work. This could see it having an increase in revenue. It is through this that Salesforce hopes to attain a $1 trillion market cap. 

Financial analysts point out that in terms of growth, the future is bright. The deal is predicted to help Salesforce attain at least a 20% growth rate in a few years. Though the deal gives competitiveness, analysts suggest that Salesforce needs to establish its full-stack cloud infrastructure. This would effectively make it stop relying on third-party clouds and make benefits materialize. 

More so, UBS analysts are concerned that the move (27billion acquisition)could stretch Salesforce. The company did spend some billion dollars in acquiring some tech units in 2019. Talking about the markets, Salesforce’s move rumors resulted in plummeting their stock by about 16.5%. In terms of market value, that is a loss of over 18 billion dollars.

A sign of lack of confidence by investors. Another point of concern is that Salesforce intends to combine Slack with its existing software to see several changes for Salesforce users. It is inevitable to have a few longtime users start having doubts about its platforms in such instances. However, the chances are that the company has all this figured out.

What Future Looks Like For Slack?

salesforce acquires slack
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Slack has been experiencing a slothful growth while its competitor, Zoom, has had its shares more than quadrupled. The Salesforce deal could shortly provide Slack with much needed accelerated growth. This can best be achieved by Salesforce attracting its users into adopting Slack and their collaboration suite. Most Slack users are concerned with the plans Salesforce has for the platform. I would be too considering changes that may arise on the platform, some of which might prove unpopular.

The good news is that Bret Taylor, president, and CEO, made it clear that they do not intend to alter its function. Their intention of integrating their system tools with Slack is likely to bring more users on board. Then again, only time will tell. It is essential for the Slack team operating independently within Salesforce to come up with more ideas on improving their platform. Doing so would lure more users, which include those from Salesforce. It is through innovation that their enterprise can grow and realize appreciation in value.

In Short

Plummeting in Salesforce stocks can be a tall telling sign of a bleak future ahead if it fails to pull out great ingenuity. However, it takes money to make money. In business, the concept of long-term investment applies. In this sense, it is hoped that the investment would mature with enormous returns to be reaped. 

Lastly, for the deal value’s upscaling to materialize into trillions, they must focus on their cloud technology. It is this tech that sets apart Microsoft, Google, and Oracle in data distribution and storage. 

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