Reviews of 5 Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch This Weekend

Some shows are better than others on Netflix, however, it depends on your preferences which makes up for great binge-watches. One may argue that a critically acclaimed show is more gripping and entertaining, which might be true. However, some series can keep you engaged for days without getting tired at any point. 

No matter how engaged or multi-tasking your job description is, Netflix is designed to entertain you and motivate you during your daily routine. In December which is the season for watching the best set of Christmas movies or shows, Netflix has you covered with some Christmas binge-able series with entertaining episodes. 

There is a need to relax and watch movies this weekend with the stress of the holiday season coupled with the pressure of survival during a pandemic, and so many other health challenges you may have faced as a result of the events of the year. For this reason, we need to engage in binge-watch shows this weekend. 

During the holidays, you have the opportunity to watch the best romantic movies on Netflix. We have put together a list of the five best Netflix shows to binge-watch this weekend. 

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Some people regard December as the best of the month in the year while others don’t. However, the case might be, these good shows will help you through it and keep you entertained all through. Below is our list for this December: 

The Queen’s Gambit 

Even though Queen’s Gambit is not a true-life story, it is a tale of a chess prodigy that keeps you stunned and enthralled. The movie stars Anya Taylor Joy who was a Kentucky girl with a unique talent. 

It is a series that comprises seven episodes, of which she went through a journey of competitive chess. She faced losses, heartbreak, and personal struggles with addiction. At the end of this movie, you’d be looking forward to learning and playing chess. 

Dash & Lily 

Dash & Lily is a young adult novel that was transcribed into a movie. It is a playful series that shows how two young people met in New York. They had a lot of fun with each other and even celebrated their holidays together. 

In this series, it showcased New York City in its full glory, hence, it proves to you that there’s so much love to be found during holidays especially the young love feeling. 

Virgin River 

This movie is binge-worthy as it showcases the medical mystery of Grey’s Anatomy and romantic tension in a small town with Gilmore girls. This series takes place in Northern California during the winter. 

The latest season (season 2) has now been released, hence, there’s a lot to watch and enjoy. The show is in the category of an easy to watch series, which makes it easy to multi-task and yet comfortably watch the show. 

Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas 

The Holiday Home Maker which is regarded as a festive spin is a must-watch series if you need inspiration for your home decorations during Christmas or holidays. 

Mr. Christmas who’s the main character of the show is loveable as he brings joy to the places he decorated with the aid of his elves. 


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Imposters is a thrilling and subtly hilarious show. It begins with a young bride who ran off with her newly wedded husbands’ wealth. However, efforts are made to track her down with the aid of con-women. 

It is not a straightforward movie and it has so many twists in it, hence, can be confusing to root for a particular person. The movie requires your complete attention while sipping a drink or enjoying your popcorn. 

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