The Drastic Lifestyle Changes Due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has somewhat caused much havoc in diverse ways, ranging from loss of lives, tension, lockdown, social distancing, and so on. It has drastically altered our daily routines and people have begun to ask questions if this is temporal or will it turn out to be a permanent part of our lives moving forward? 

Well, no one has a direct answer to this question by saying yes or no, however, COVID-19 has altered our lifestyle for the good, and things might not be the same again. 

Why Things May Not Remain the Same Again?

During this period of COVID-19 the health care workers are always working, to battle the virus to avoid the loss of lives. So many of them have to stay from their families while working at all times to provide solutions to the pandemic. 

However, how long will they be able to continue in this state of high alert forever, and put themselves in danger of this virus? One thing for sure is that a solution has to be discovered as soon as possible to reduce the stress faced by the healthcare sector across the globe. 

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Several activities in diverse spheres of the world have come to a halt due to COVID-19 and no one knows when this issue will be resolved. However, things will not remain the same anymore. There will be drastic changes in how we communicate with each other, socialize, and even work. 

Whatever the case might be, COVID-19 has to be contained for the good of everyone. We’ve highlighted a few changes due to Covid-19 and how life will be after the lockdown. Take a careful look. Here is our highlight: 

Embrace Contactless Greetings 

Are still deciding whether to accept shaking hands again? Going forward, we believe so many people will ditch the usual shaking of hands to greet and rather opt for the “Namaste” way of greeting. 

The “Namaste” form of greeting is a popular form of greeting in India that does not require any contact with a person, especially now that social distancing is encouraged. 

Changing the Way, We Learn 

Several schools were shut down due to the pandemic, but the truth is that students still need to learn even during the pandemic. As a result, online classes are a major medium to aid the continuation of learning. 

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Teachers across the globe are relying on the internet to deliver educational content to students at home. Real-time online classes such as Zoom now take place, hence, solving the issue of being physical in school before learning. We believe this method of changing has come to stay even after the pandemic. 

Frequent Washing of Our Hands 

Certainly, COVID-19 has taught us to maintain a high level of hygiene to stay healthy at all times. People now understand how important simple acts like washing of hands and water can save their lives. 

A lot of people see the washing of hands as a casual duty before now, but a lot has changed due to the pandemic. The new rule to wash our hands as often as possible is now embraced by almost everyone and does not show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. 

No More Public Spitting 

In some countries, it is easy to come across spit stains on buildings, roads, or even railway stations. Posters by the government have been flying around to put an awareness against this behavior but it has proved abortive until now. 

COVID-19 has made people carefully observe personal hygiene, embracing the use of nose masks. As a result, spitting is now a thing of the past. 


The list is endless to the drastic changes COVID-19 has brought across the globe. A lot of positives like always being grateful for your health has brought families closer to each other. 

Our minds now have to embrace the drastic changes the pandemic has given us, as will help us to adapt and stay stronger going forward as families and individuals. 

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