Women in Business: 7 Ways to Support Female Entrepreneurs

When it comes to business, women own most businesses across the globe. To be specific, women own up to 12 million businesses in the United State, and this number does not show any sign of stopping. Hence, businesses owned by women are on the rise. 

According to a report document by SCORE Women Entrepreneurship, businesses owned by women have a 45% increase in the previous 10 to 12 years. Women entrepreneurs have a huge impact on the economy’s growth. As a result, approximately 9 million people gain employment, generating a revenue of more than $1.6 million. 

We have compiled a list of seven ways in which you can support and show these female entrepreneurs that you admire their efforts. Below is our list of the seven ways to support female entrepreneurs:

Grow Your Network

We always recommend that you learn to build your circle and network whether you are an entrepreneur or an employer. A good form of such networking is to connect with female entrepreneurs. 

One may wonder how he or she can connect with these female entrepreneurs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So many organizations out there bring women together through events such as Create & Culture, Ellevate Network, and so on. All you need to do is to be a participant in these online forums to connect with female entrepreneurs. 

Become a Mentor

mentor Female Entrepreneurs
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Ideally, you find someone or a group of people to share your knowledge and expertise once you have grown your network or you’re advanced in your career. One such benefit can be a female entrepreneur. 

Become a volunteer or mentor with an organization that is in line with your expertise, such as Women Mentor Association or SCORE. According to a recent survey reviewed by Harvard Business, 84% of costly mistakes usually made by mentors were avoided and 69% claim to make better decisions as a result of their mentors. 

Invite Women on Panels 

For organizations that have events and require speakers or members of the panel, we encourage that you include female entrepreneurs. With their expertise, they will share their challenges and successes. As a result, they aid in providing opportunities for networking and exposure to their audience.   

Spread the Word

If you know a female entrepreneur who has become your favorite, do not hesitate to promote the owner and company on your social media platforms. We recommend that you add hashtags while posting their businesses on your active social media platforms. 

Donate to Supportive Organizations 

One of the major ways of showing support to organizations that empower women and girls is by free-will donations. Another way to show support aside from donations is to volunteer and spend some time with them, exposing them to some interesting information about a business that will help them become good entrepreneurs in the nearest future.  

Be a Connector 

Always connect or introduce someone who you are sure can aid in the growth of a female entrepreneur. New contacts are a valuable asset to female-owned businesses. Check closely to your networks, as you may have someone who can offer expertise, funding, or knowledge to enhance the growth of female entrepreneurs. 

Partner with a Female-Owned Business 

Support Female Entrepreneurs - Partner with a Female-Owned Business
Image Source: unsplash.com

We recommend that you find a way to connect with female business owners to partner with them for a project. It will not just make a difference but will be a major source of inspiration for these entrepreneurs. You can partner with them to host events or aid them to market their business with the right content and adverts. 

Moving Your Business Forward 

We recommend that you find an international and local business summit online as a female business owner. By doing so, it will give you access to connect and network with like-minded business owners. 

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