5 Possible Ways to Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle

In a world plagued with fast modes of transport, fast foods, high consumption in every sense, climate change, wars, and catastrophe, it is easy to kick the bucket early. So how do you avoid this? The way is through the adoption of a sustainable lifestyle. Before you crack your head, trying to figure out what a sustainable lifestyle is, here is what it is. 

A sustainable lifestyle is a way of living that effectively promotes better health, contributes to other people’s well-being, and holds high environmental protection. In this post, I shall take you through 5 possible ways you can adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Walk, Cycle And Use Public Transport

Instead of driving daily, learn to take a walk or, better yet, cycle to work. You will be doing the planet and future generations a big favor by avoiding generating greenhouse gases by your vehicle. These harmful gases are the ones at the forefront of promoting global warming and climate change. 

In turn, you would get to enjoy a boosted health owing to the exercise. Mind you, walking and cycling are good for your heart. If you are to go fast, use the bus or subway where there is no traffic concession. Traffic jams are high contributors to our stress levels. Electric subway trains also lower carbon footprint provided the power is hydro generated.

2. Find Sustainable Shops

Sustainable Lifestyle

These range from second-hand stores, plastic-free supermarkets, organic markets, and local farmers’ markets. Purchase of second-hand staff cuts off on energy consumption and the use of nonrenewable resources. Plastic-free supermarkets that provide degradable packaging promote a sound environment by preventing plastic pollution.

Concerning organic markets, their produce is grown using organic fertilizers such as manure, which are all-natural. Health enthusiasts often promote naturally grown products because they are healthier. Lastly, buying from local farmers cuts down on the need to transport produce to other far away markets where a product is in demand.

3. Bring Your Bag, Refillable Bottle, And Cup

Avoiding plastic is at the central core. Instead, use reusable coffee cups and prevent the use of single-use cups. More so, bring your bag to the shops to reduce the use of plastic bags. Lastly, the use of refillable water bottles prevents buying plastic bottles.

4. Take Political Action

To bring a real effective contribution, get involved in some form of politics. For instance, participate in a national or global climate match. Or better yet, join the green party or vote for it. Participate in social media, sharing posts or pages related to sustainability. Try to get a couple of people on your side through such active online campaigns. Lastly, join any active social media groups which spearhead sustainable living.

5. Recycle and Reuse

Sustainable Lifestyle - recycle and reuse
Image Source: unsplash.com

A sustainable lifestyle will be incomplete if we neglect the promotion and practice of recycling and reuse. Sort out any recyclable material to be distributed to local recyclers. The beauty about this is you also get paid something for the job. Reuse plastic containers for water bottles. You can again reuse anything by customizing it to suit your needs. You could make plant pots from some plastic containers. The use of old torn clothes for rags to clean the dust off the furniture is a classic example. 

To Sum Up

The above are just a few amongst a handful of things you could do to attain a sustainable lifestyle. By spending time in nature, especially amongst tribes, you would be surprised by the extent of a sustainable lifestyle you could lead. Indeed you would not have that fancy smartphone, cable tv, or PlayStation. However, in the bigger picture, you would have good health and be the planet’s friend.

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