Its your Smartphone – Ringo makes it fun!

Ringo’s bright and breezy buttons give you complete control over your Windows Mobile Smartphone’s ringtones and alerts. Use any music you already own, set personal tones for contacts and caller groups – even ignore the calls you don’t want.

Ringo makes your Smartphone truly yours, and brings a little smile to every call…

Take Delight in your Smartphone Ringtones…

Ringo lets you easily add the magic of MP3 format ringtones to every call and message tone – bringing your Smartphone to life every time it rings! Use your favorite music or sound clip as a ringtone. Just copy it to your Smartphone and pick it from Ringo’s colorful and easy-to-use interface.

Easily assign different tones for friends and contacts!

Assigning ringtones has never been easier, because Ringo lets you pick from a list of the contacts in your address book and choose a unique phone and message tone for each caller. You can preview tones before you pick them – or even set certain contacts to silent, so they won’t bug you any more! With Ringo, you can set personal tones for each SMS message you receive. This is a great way to spot the messages that matter without having to check the screen each time.

Keep your contacts list organized!

Use your Smartphone Address Book to organize your contacts into categories, then Ringo’s Caller Groups capabilities lets you quickly and easily set a unique ringtone for each category. You can set different tones for personal or business calls – or silence one group with a single tap. It’s a great way to make sure your friends don’t disturb you during meetings, or that your boss won’t bother you during the weekend!

The ringtone options are virtually unlimited!

Ringo lets you use any music as a ringtone or message tone. That includes the music you already own! We’ll let you pick any music you’ve got on your memory card, or any ringtones you bought from other stores. Ringo makes picking and changing tones a snap, so that you have complete control over how your Smartphone rings!

Product Features:

  • Easily add and organize MP3 ringtones and alerts on your Smartphone.
  • Set personal ringtones, email and message alert tones for your friends.
  • Set different ringtones, email and message alert tones for address book groups.
  • Easily silence calls from callers or groups – such as unknown calls.
  • Access 50 free MP3 ringtones from our pre-selected catalog directly from your Smartphone.
  • Buy the latest MP3 ringtones direct from your Smartphone

What’s Needed?

Ringo works on any Windows Mobile Powered Smartphone or Pocket PC Рincluding phones from Motorola, HTC, Palm or operators worldwide.  An SD memory card is not required but will enable you to store more ringtones. A USB connection will enable you to easily transfer music (MP3 files) from your PC/Mac desktop to your Smartphone, which is the best way to get a large and free ringtones collection.