Make your Treo stand out!


“One vicious, villainous and fabulously rewarding thing you can do with Ringo is turn off a ringtone for a given caller (or group).”

Ringo Tones screenshot
Personalize each of your contacts with a ringtone, SMS tone, and even a picture!


“Assigning distinctive rings to each address book category allows you to instantly identify junk, business, family, etc., which is very handy when you have to make a quick decision about interrupting whatever is happening right in front of you to take a call.”


There should be nothing “default” about your Treo. Take complete control over your ringtones and SMS alerts to reflect your personality.

  • Set personal ringtones and message alert tones for your friends.
  • Set different ringtones and message alert tones for address book groups.
  • Easily silence calls from callers or groups - such as unknown or no caller id calls.
  • Set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" at night, at the weekend, or even on vacation.
  • Access more than 50 free MP3 ringtones from our exclusive catalog directly from your Treo.

Now you can know who is calling you without even looking at your Treo’s screen. If it’s that sappy love song from your wedding, it’s your spouse. If it’s a party song, it’s your friends. If it’s the Darth Vader theme, it’s your boss!

Ringo’s easy interface makes it a snap to set ringtones and alerts for individual callers or groups of callers. You can load your SD card with your favorite tunes, then use Ringo to select callers from your Treo’s Address Book and assign any music file you want to them.

In addition to customizing each contacts' ringtone, you can just as easily give your “Work” numbers, or any other group, the same ringtone or SMS alert.

To make Ringo even sweeter, we’ll get your ringtone collection off to a big start with 50 free MP3 ringtones from our catalog!


“I have tried Ringo and it works great. I love being able to easily import ringtones and set each contact to ring a distinctive ringtone. It's quite a nice feature that I don't think I can go back to just having one default ringtone for known callers and another for unknown callers.”


Ringo FAQ for Treo Users

  1. Which Ringo work on my Treo?

    This version of Ringo will run on any Treo which runs the Palm OS. This includes the Treo 650, Treo 680 and Treo 755p. If you have a Treo running Windows Mobile, then you will need to use Ringo Mobile

  2. Do you have a User Guide?

    Yes we do, its here

  3. How do I find Ringtones for my Treo?

    Ringo makes it really easy to set and change ringtones on your Treo, so now all you need is a great set of ringtones! The links below will help you get the music you already own onto your phone, ready to use as a ringtone in Ringo...

    • Myxer - a free web-based service which lets you upload your music from your PC or Mac, convert it to a ringtone and have it sent wirelessly to your phone...
    • Phone Sherpa - a top-notch web-based service which lets you upload music from your PC or Mac in a variety of formats, pick the part of the song you want to use as a ringtone and then send it wirelessly to your phone. Phone Sherpa has a one-time fee, but you can try it for free before you purchase.
    • Ringo Ringtones - a selection of tones that you can download directly from inside Ringo, or download on your computer and transfer to your smartphone via memory card...

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