Great tones for your BlackBerry!


“Like in college, Ringo lets you hang a virtual sock on your door with the Do Not Disturb option. All of your calls and messages are still received, but your BlackBerry will remain silent.”
Ringo Tones screenshot
Personalize each of your contacts with a ringtone, SMS tone, and even a picture!


“Assigning distinctive rings to each address book category allows you to instantly identify junk, business, family, etc., which is very handy when you have to make a quick decision about interrupting whatever is happening right in front of you to take a call.”


Take complete control over your ringtones, SMS and email alerts to reflect your personality.

  • Use any of your MP3 & AAC music on your BlackBerry as a ringtone.
  • Set distinct ringtones, email and message alert tones for your friends and groups.
  • Set custom LED colors for alerts, people and groups
  • Block callers by setting their Ringtone to ignore
  • Silence calls from groups - such as unknown or no caller id calls.
  • Set your phone to "Do Not Disturb" at night, at the weekend, or even on vacation!
  • Access more than 50 free MP3 ringtones from our pre-selected catalog directly from your BlackBerry.

Now you can know who is calling you without even looking at your BlackBerry's screen. If it's that sappy love song from your wedding, it's your spouse. If it's a party song, it's your friends. If it's the Darth Vader theme, it's your boss!

Ringo’s easy interface makes it a snap to set ringtones and alerts for individual callers or groups of callers. You can load your phone with your favorite tunes, then use Ringo to select callers from your BlackBerry’s Address Book and assign a MP3 tune to them.

In addition to customising each contacts' ringtone, you can just as easily give your 'Work' numbers, or any other group, the same ringtone or SMS alert.

To make Ringo even sweeter, we’ll get your ringtone collection off to a big start with 50 free MP3 ringtones from our catalog!

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